How to Look For a

Cheating Spouse


There are a slew of very effective ways to find out if a spouse or partner is cheating. We're going to examine one way through using 2 tools - Snusbase & Whatsmyname.

The first step is to use a tool like This will allow you to put in a name or email and see if that information has appeared in any data breaches. Remember, don't try to use the information for anything illegal. You can view the information, but you can't try to get into anyone's accounts that you don't have the right to access. For the purpose of this example, we're going to use the name Matt Beauchene. It's a fairly unique name, so the results should be pretty accurate.

I ran the name and found several listings, some him and some not. Since I know his Twitter handle, I was able to identify this account from a recent Twitter breach as being the correct person.

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Now I have a good email address. I then ran the email address in Snusbase and found several accounts, some regular accounts and others with adult dating websites like For the purpose of this example though, we'll focus on the AFF user name.

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We now have a user name of rm_mackdady86. Let's take this user name and put it through Use the filter menu to choose all websites, as it filters out adult websites by default.

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I clicked clicked on both websites to see if I could gather any further intel. The first website shows a person with interests in pretty straightforward pornography, some trans and some goth stuff. There's no guarantee that it's absolutely Matt Beauchene's interests as someone else could be utilizing that user name, although "rm_mackdady86" is a very unique user name. Then we have the FriendFinder profile and that is definitely the right person given the area of Fargo, ND. Keep in mind that FriendFinder is a shared site of AdultFriendFinder.

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Now we have a confirmed profile, although it has been over 3 months since he logged in. We have a DOB (which I know is correct to Matt Beauchene). We have some stats and we know that he will give some lucky lady "..the best sex you'll ever have." Well that last part is according to him at least.

There's a lot of other ways you can catch a cheating spouse, but by utilizing some cheap and free tools, we can gather a lot of very useful data!

If you're interested in a free osint tool, check out #skiplook