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A new search was just added to Eric Neal's new website Skip Look - This search covers the UK. By using the custom Google search, you can search through the UK whitepages, news outlets and government websites. See the website here -

Let's run some test searches to see it in action. You want to do your searches like you'd do them in Google with the standard dorks. We'll use Osmund "Ozzy" Wambeek as an example. He's a PI in the UK currently under investigation for hacking and harassment and has had 2 recent restraining orders against him, one for assaulting his ex girlfriend and another, more recently, for physically assaulting his mother.

"Ozzy Wambeek"

We didn't find much with this search, but in reviewing the links we learned some information that may help in an investigation. Let's check out what information we've gained.

Here we learn the identity of a known associate and that maybe Ozzy is in the security industry. Let's keep reviewing the search results.


So here we have a woman named Lucy M. who is mentioning Ozzy and not in a good light. It's always good to keep a list of people that are not happy with the subject of your investigation. You may be able to track them down and get information that will add to your investigation.

This may quite useful as a person usually doesn't travel far for their haircut and the barber shop is right in Newort where Ozzy is suspected to live. Plus the barber may be willing to divulge information, especially if you assure him that all sources of information is kept strictly confidential. Side note: I wonder why Ozzy only gave him 4 stars on such a glowing recommendation.

Now let's try his formal name on Skip Look's UK search - "Osmund Wambeek." We got 7 results on this search. Let's see if we can learn anything new.

The website a UK people directory.

192 will cost money if you want the whole report, but we now have a more specific area and some contacts: Claire C Wambeek and David Reeves. These individuals could be investigated to learn more about Ozzy Wambeek.

The rest of the links are just book reviews on investigative books. All in all, we gained some information, but not a lot. However, with what was found, including relatives / associates, that information could be beneficial in continuing the investigation. Also, there is the employment and social media search on the Skip Look website There's definitely a lot more to be learned about Ozzy Wambeek with those other searches.

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